Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hello everyone, long time that I was away from blog land.
I'm trying back,
well ...now I'm here ^..^
I 've been done bit of this and that
Busy but happy as always
Wheat grass juice, one of my work,lots of good things in it.
After tasted it in restaurant in town which was surprised of taste.
It was very sweet and easily to drink.
Now I 've grown my own grass,safe and cheap.
how beautyful green it is.
nice flowers around garden
some sewing
learning new hobby , from lots of beautyful blogs
thanks for blog land and all very kind bloggers
Till next time

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hand Quilting wip......

It's quite a while (again) from blogging, I can't find my time for writing coz been busy with messy garden. But still doing some crafts , a little of this and that ^^.

Crochet is taking over my interest at the moment. I really love all colours that go together.

This basket is the last one I just finished, love its colurful that go very well with sunshine day here.

And I tell myself ,time to go back

some quilts need to be done as well O__o"

This one has been waiting for me longgggg long time (well others still have to wait ^ ; ^)

Added blue,red and white for boarder.

I don't want too plain ,so I applique' a colourful round shape all over.

It took me some time to do this hand applique, real time consumer  - - - ha ha ha ,that was my friend said.

Loads of  work but I love every step of work, slowly ,peaceful - - -

pretty good thing to do after gardening

After trace round shape with pencil one by one for a while, I just recalled about this toy

ha ha ha too much toys

I made 3 sizes with all sorts of prints from my shelf.

pin and sew and cut the back to take papers out

sandwiches and time for  quilting

may be next few months ^ ; ^

Happy Sunday

Happy Quilting

Love xxx


Saturday, May 12, 2012

fabric button

I love fabric buttons ,they are look gorgeous and can be made with our own selected fabric.

That's why I love to keep all  left over small pieces fabrics.

This is my toy ^ __ ^, found it in local market.

It's a lot more better than the small pack that I bought from craft shop.

now I can make button as many as I want Ha Ha Ha.

It's really usedful and  I enjoy playing this with my scrap fabric.

The stand was made by Mr.GG .

All parts for making button

the two pieces in the bottom gonna be a button.

For each size ,there will be two mold,one for flat and the other is convex.

I'm going to make some nowwww

another pair

cut round a piece of fabric

arrange it like that.

half way now :p

push it down

set aside

put the cotton bottom part in

Like this, it's different from one that has steel eye on the back.

we can just sew through the bottom

put it on top of the other

Turn it up side down and put on the green

press the handle a few times

Then .... tadaaaaaaaaa

there are more size and shapes

 I know that next time of market, it's gonna be new shape added in my basket.

Butterfly pea in my garden

Happy weekend


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer Summer.... hottest day

It's very very hot here, 42 degree to confirm how hot it is O,,o.

Nothing we can do much,but playing in the pool with our little nephew.

> > > > > > > > > > > >

Last week ,it was a Thai New Year called "Songkran". It's a big festival in Thailand as foriegner known as  water festival that people come out and gather along side the road pouring water to each other, how fun playing water in this high temperature.

But for us Thais, it's time for see family (like Christmas time) have good time together,
good traditionnal food,pay respect to our older family members ,make merit at temple,
see some old friends, teachers
and enjoy parties arounds

in temple

prepared things for visiting and pay respect older family members ,like grand parents, parents ,aunts and uncles.

some cousins came to see my parents.

in traditional costume..borrowed from mom ^^

we saw uncles and aunts as well.

after that time to see friends ...high school friends

some never been seen for 23 years since graduated.

re-union party ^ ^

can't believe we never met for 23 years!!!!


relaxing corner in mother's garden ,I really like this seat under rose apple tree OvO"


fresh from tree

plenty like these

hunny bee is still waiting for boarder.

I tried to bake soda bread in this hot weather,

not bad for 1st attempted.

O __ O"

Have a good day