Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hello everyone, long time that I was away from blog land.
I'm trying back,
well ...now I'm here ^..^
I 've been done bit of this and that
Busy but happy as always
Wheat grass juice, one of my work,lots of good things in it.
After tasted it in restaurant in town which was surprised of taste.
It was very sweet and easily to drink.
Now I 've grown my own grass,safe and cheap.
how beautyful green it is.
nice flowers around garden
some sewing
learning new hobby , from lots of beautyful blogs
thanks for blog land and all very kind bloggers
Till next time


  1. Hello :o)
    what a lovely post, i am surprised by your wheatgrass, thats amazing that you grow it!
    pretty roses too
    love jooles x
    P.S thanks for entering my giveaway

    1. hi Jooles :) thanks for a lovely chance of your giveaway
      it's really lovely gifts,I hope the name you 'll pick is mine ie ie ^^