Sunday, February 21, 2016

Quilt Festival Ep. 3...Award winning quilt

I've got not many pic of award winning quilts because of too many people gathered in front of them
and couldn't get close to them.
and might be in other camera,I will add more later.
I think the quilt that has less weak point would have won the prize.
For me, every quilts is very very good.

The Tokyo International Quilt Festival always set at Tokyo Dome in the last week of January.
Just get on the train from the station near by your hotel and change to the yellow line ( Chuo-Sobu line),heading to Suidobachi station ,
west exit :there will be a sign tell you to Tokyo Dome


Just go round the corner of the cafe'

Follow the people over the bridge.

 you can find a ticket booth selling on the right hand side or just ask people around there.
I bought ticket on-line and printed out from home ,so I got 200 yen discount and save time from waiting que there.
And after security checked I got inside the Dome ,I left my bags and coat in the coin-locker (300 yen).
Now the adventure began.

Hundreds of shops and quilts waiting for us down there.

Next post ,shall we change the mood to window shopping around the fair???
see you then,

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