Monday, February 15, 2016

Quilt Festival in Tokyo Ep.1

Tokyo again
Last month I went to Tokyo again,in winter,but never  get bored though.
One reason I wanted to be there at such a low temperature  weather because it always has a great quilt show,which is set on the same time every year in  the last week of January.
A lot of time in advance for planning trip.
Well,it gave a really good long advance time for me booking a low price air fare


I went to The 15th Tokyo International great quilt festival 2016 for 2 days ,one for looking around and another day for shopping.It took a whole day from open to close time to wandering about and never felt tired until I got back to the the hotel ha ha ha ,how crazy I was.

I took loads of photos which drained all of the camera battery.So here will be more episodes of J quilt fair blogs;as of my usual blogging...more pics talk less ^__^".

there are different groups of quilts such as traditional quilt (my flavourite),original  quilt , WA quilt (I don't really know what it is ,but guess from material,it might be a natural dye),children quilt, bags  etc.
I decided to start at this room,
log cabin
a tiny scrap of fabric was trnsforming to hundreds of beautiful quilts.
In detail,it was a very very small piece ;like 1/2 centimeter width, joined together and hand-quilted.
very impressive efforts
I think that was a reason I spent my whole 2 days there.
 hope you guys don't mind if I put lots of photos in here,
let's touring quilt fair memory again

 I couldn't read Japaneses (but love their works a lot),
so I didn't know how many quilts that were showed there,may be over 200 precious pieces.
I wish we would have such a great quilt fair like this in Thailand someday,
for me,
it was like  walking in heaven alive.





two hands of humankind that are able to make an amazing, dilicated ,complicated,beautiful art -work like these.
To be continued


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